Consultation and Engagement Updates

The consultation will be undertaken in a staged way.

Phase 1

COMPLETE. An extensive and broad based stakeholder engagement and consultation process has commenced across the region by external Consultants (Dr Alex Cockram, Kate Barlow and Dr Ruth Vine) to inform the development of the plan. To date, an open stakeholder forum has been held as well as consultations with the following groups:

  • consumers and carers
  • clinicians (including general practitioners)
  • Local Hospital Networks
  • community health centres
  • Non-Government Organisations
  • EMPHN Clinical Council and Community Advisory Committee

The Aboriginal Community is currently working with EMPHN to lead the development of better processes for engagement and service development. In consideration of this work, more targeted consultations will occur with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community groups in early 2019.

The development of the plan is occurring in parallel to other key streams of service development being undertaken by EMPHN including suicide prevention and alcohol and other drug models of care.

Phase 2

COMPLETE. A series of Working Groups structured around the priority areas have been conducted. The Working Groups have developed the key objectives and priority actions for inclusion in the plan. Consumers and carers, along with key stakeholders have participated in the Working Groups. The draft Plan will be received from the Regional Plan Consultants in June 2019.

Phase 3

IN PROGRESS. A copy of the Plan will be posted on the website for community and key stakeholder feedback for 4 weeks in December 2019 and January 2020. Delivery of the final Plan including any implementation will cover the five-year period 2020-2025. It is anticipated that the signed off and agreed to plan will be launched in February 2020.